Saturday 27 January 2007

KeyCaps650 - Easier entry of capitals an symbols

KeyCaps650 allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using the shift or option keys on a Treo 650 (there is another version for the 600).

I got annoyed with the default options as it would create symbols when I typed words like "look".

The options shown on the right are what I'm using, the delay is too small to happen accidently (I'd really have liked to disable it).
I have set it up so that holding a key converts:
  • Lower case to Upper case
  • Upper case to symbol

Unfortunately, I'd prefered it if it then looped back to lower case etc if you continued to hold the key but its quite good as is.

For entry of many symbols or upper case characters the normal TREO keys would be easier but for the odd upper case character or symbol this program makes it much easier and faster to enter them.

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