Tuesday 5 April 2011

Issues with the Android Market

There are many thing right with the market however these are the main issues wit it (in MY opinion):

  1. Regardless of what some people think having only FREE & PAID categories (which can't sell for $0.00) force authors to call DEMO and TRIAL products "free" when most people (except perhaps the author or a lawyer) would consider that unreasonable. Free does not just relate to money and no one can take something freely given to me from me. The PadGen standard defines "Shareware", "Freeware", "Adware", "Demo", and others so I'm not alone in thinking two is crazy.
  2. You can't sell or transfer purchases (even to yourself on a new email address).
  3. If you do choose a refund, you can't do it again when a new release comes out (which hopefully fixes the reason you refunded in the first place)!
  4. You only have 15 minutes from when you paid (not after download!) to decide if you want a refund.
  5. There are many products where even 24 hours is not enough to evaluate the product which is why products like "Touch Down" are forced into producing trials outside the market or deceptively categorising trials/demos as "free". The author should be allowed to specify the refund period. Hopefully users will be loyal to those authors who allow a longer return period.
  6. You can't choose the default install location (SDCARD or PHONE), mine defaults to SDCARD (when the app supports it) and on my HTC DESIRE HD this causes constant issues with A2SD corruption and the SD CARD unmounting itself.
  7. You can set up "auto update", however unless you don't pay for 3G data you won't as the there is no "Auto Download on WIFI Only" option.
  8. You can't get a clear list of purchases you have made.
  9. When you can't auto update because permissions have changed, the permission changes are not highlighted.
Anyway thats my list :-)

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