Tuesday 9 August 2011

If GoldCardTool fails use GoldCard Helper :-)


For my HTD DESIRE HD, I tried "GoldCardTool.exe" version 0.0.7 and 0.0.5 as recommended, this failed to retrieve a CID for MMC1 but did for MMC1, unfortunately this (reversed) CID did not work resulting in the "Error [131]: CUSTOMER ID ERROR" message. Of course they wouldn't have wanted to check this earlier in the RUU's execution would they :-(

After proving with a hex editor that "GoldCardTool.exe" was correctly updating the first sector of the sdcard, after much googling I found "GoldCard Helper", this tool gave me two reversed cids, MMC2 and MMC0, unfortunately it would only copy MMC0's which was the same as I'd already tried, so I manually typed MMC2 off the screen, used the website to create the gold card image and then the "GoldCardTool.exe" to update the sdcard and it worked :-)

As I'd seen a different CID reversal scheme which reversed nybbles (characters), I can say that certainly that is not the case for my HTC DESIRE HD and it reverses bytes (character pairs) and changes the first two to "00" (as "GoldCardTool.exe" and does and most other websites specify).

Anyway hope that helps someone else...

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