Wednesday 5 October 2011

Hate McAfee...

Got this security product with the DELL otherwise I wouldn't be running it.  It has one of the worst user interfaces I've seen so any time I need to use it I end up doing a lot of swearing.

Well the picture on the right gives me one more reason to hate it.

Not only isn't there a virus but McAfee told me it knew that in a separate popup (which popped up in the background and unfortunately I didn't capture).

It couldn't actually scan the file as it was in use, the message on the right is in my opinion a very stupid way of saying that...

It frequently fails to do anything at all when selecting something like "history and Logs", I've just realized one of the reasons for this it often opens it in a new window of the same size UNDERNEATH the current one so its effectively invisible.

Of and one of my other pet hates is products that force an update then nag for reboots, hoping that you'll accidently agree to it while in the middle of doing something important.

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